05/2010 - Egypt, Marsa Alam

7-day trip to Egypt visiting Marsa Alam, Marsa Shangra, Dolphin House, Marsa Egla, Port Ghalib, Marsa Shoona, Marsa Mubarak, Abu Dabbab
We chose Marsa Alam as it is a quite recent touristic locality of the Red Sea .
Tourists had begun to choose this destination only recently and we hoped that the reef was not compromised yet.

Our choice fell on the village Kahramana Beach Resort Swan Club (click to enter site / click here to enter the website ) for its interesting and well-advertised hotel.
And in fact the accommodation was excellent as well as the whole complex.
There was only a wrong note, and it was not a small problem, the food was bad, very bad, certainly not worthy of a five-star resort .
In the evening of our arrival, they described us the organized excursions. We decided to take part in three of them, the ones that seemed to be the most interesting.
Even the Diving Center of the village organized an excursion: a visit to the Dolphin House.
It is a horseshoe-shaped island, in the middle of the sea, which is regularly visited by hundreds of dolphins.
The wind, the prerogative of the region, blew blustering (and pitiless) so that we could not dive from the jetty of the village.
Kindly the diving instructors suggested us a private beach nearby (a ten- minute walk).


The nearby beach is at Marsa Shangra where there is a spartan village where most of its regular visitors are divers.
The reef is wonderful so that we returned there three more times .

We spent a whole day at Dolphin House, an island in the middle of the sea, where the dolphins used to gather.
The bath was very interesting even if the water was very crowded, for the large amount of tourists, and there was a great confusion because everybody wanted to reach the best position to see the dolphins.
Unfortunately two of the booked excursions did not take place for lack of ….. participants.

As soon as we knew it, we decided to join the group of divers that the Diving Centre brought daily in the best bays of the area. That day it was scheduled Marsa Egla. We went only with our fins and mask.

The only excursion made, of the three booked , was the one organized in Port Ghalib .
It was a big delusion.
They brought us in a bay ( Marsa Shoona ) described as famous for pinnacles and coral gardens .
We were very disappointed because the reef was very damaged, in some places even destroyed, by the cables used for the moorings since they are fixed in the reef itself..
Just think that they did not want us to wear the gloves we have brought to avoid any cuts .
In the afternoon we stopped in another cove ( Marsa Mubarak ) to see turtles and dugongs.
After a long search going around with a dinghy, we succeeded to see, for a short moment, a turtle. Dugongs were absent.

With a shuttle service organized by the village, we went to the nearby beach of Abu Dabbab .
The calm sea (finally!) allowed us to do a wonderful swim among several turtles.
Swimming back to shore, all along the cliff , we saw many colourful fish; probably because they were accustomed to the human presence, they did not move as we passed : it was like swimming in an aquarium.

The week was over.
We came back to Italy with the nostalgia for the warm sun and the magnificent depths .
Marsa Alam is a place where I would like to go back to.