01/ - Pantelleria island: dammusi, Scauri, Punta Spadillo, Ghirlanda and Monastero valleys, Punta dell’Arco (o dell’Elefante)

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  • Pantelleria, Scauri: tetti di dammusi
  • Pantelleria: coltivazioni
  • Pantelleria: valle della Ghirlanda
  • Pantelleria: zona di Gadir
  • Pantelleria, zona di Punta Spadillo: laghetto dei gamberi
  • Pantelleria: valle del Monastero
  • Pantelleria: valle del Monastero
  • Pantelleria: fiore del cappero
  • Pantelleria: pianta di capperi
  • Pantelleria: viticolture di Muegen

The scenic route offers many beautiful views.
First we admired beautiful crops on terraces created with dry-stone walls built using lava stone and restored “dammusi “. The “dammuso” is the typical rural building of the island; it is rectangular, usually with a barrel dome, and is built using lava stone creating very thick walls (even two-meter thick) which guarantee an excellent thermal insulation. The roofs of the “dammusi” in the village of Scauri are beautiful.
Another two views: the beautiful sea and the Mediterranean bush in the area above the sea-side village of Gadir and the small inner lake named ” prawns lake” in the area of Punta Spadillo .
Pantelleria is not only sea. The “panteschi” (Pantelleria inhabitants), in fact, are more farmers than fishermen.
In small inland valleys (Ghirlanda, Monastero, Mueggen) they have created very large cultivable areas thanks to the hard work of cleaning all volcanic rocks which have been piled to build the dry-stone walls that now surround the various properties . There are two main valleys in the island: that of Ghirlanda, the largest of the island, and that of Monastero.
With regard to the “agricultural Pantelleria” I show the vast expanses of vineyards in the north part of Monastero valley and the viticulture of Muegen, the “ island in the island”, above Tracino and Punta dell’ Arco (or dell’ Elefante ) with its many ancient “dammusi” and the beautiful church of St. Anthony.
The second important cultivation is that of capers; it is interesting to know that the capers are the flower buds of the plant before flowering. Therefore they must be promptly collected repeating the operation every ten days. The caper flower is very nice and delicate.

Check out the entire travel! Italy, Pantelleria island