09/2014 - Italy, Tremiti Islands

One-week trip (in September 2014) to Italy – Tremiti Islands – visiting the city of Termoliand the archipelago of the Tremiti islands.

We spent the week in Tremiti Islandssailing on caique (traditional fishing boat).

Please, feel free to contact me to haveinformation and suggestions if you wish to livethis experience.

During the week, we visited the Island of St. Nicholas (with the Castle and the Church of Santa Maria), the San Domino Island (with its rugged coastline and a beautiful pine forest), the Isle of Capraia and the small island of Cretaccio (both uninhabited) and, lastly,the Island of Pianosa.

While on board we had to face a strong storm as shown in the pictures.

In the end, I rememberLucioDalla who was very fond of the Tremiti, where he owned a villa.

The night before the ferry transfer to the Archipelago of the Tremiti, we spent the night in Termoli.

It is a beautiful town with a medieval center characterized by narrow streets and by a Duomo(cathedral church) of the twelfth century which stands out for its beauty. The Duomo and a Tower werepart of the original CastelloSvevo (Svevo castle).

On the city walls there are caper plants, beautifully flowered, whichgrow wild.

There is a wide beach, very popular for tourists.

We started the visit of the Tremiti Islands from the Island of St. Nicholas, the most significant one from a scenic point of view.

The island is dominated by the Castle on whose top you find the church of Santa Maria. In the church there are a magnificent wooden altarpiece, a beautiful Romanesque floor and an important crucifix painted on a panel. All works date back to the thirteenth century.

Going down, at the end of the visit, we enjoyed magnificent views of the other islands: Capraia, Cretaccio and San Domino.

In this photogallery I show, with suggestive night shots, the Island of St. Nicholas.

The island of San Domino is the largest and the most beautiful one of the archipelago ofTremiti Islands.

The main part of its surface is covered by a nice pine forest. The rugged coast is full of coves.

On the cliff, in the shelter of the lighthouse, you find the nests of a rare species of gulls called “Diomedee”.

Tremitiislands, in ancient times, were also known as the “Diomedee”. The legend binds the history of this archipelago to the mythological events which regard the Achaean hero Diomedes.

Capraia Island (in ancient times inhabited by wild goats, now uninhabited) is the third largest island in the archipelago of the Tremiti. Nearby there is the small island of “Cretaccio”, located between Capraia and the islands of San Nicola and San Domino.

Capraia is almost flat, with an abandoned lighthouse and abeautifulmulticoloured flora.

It is famous the Arch of Lovers.

We spent the week dedicated to the islands of the Tremitisailing on a caique.

We were excited for this choice and had big expectations.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a positive experience and I would not suggest it to my readers. Of course, through the contact form, I can provide additional information which could be useful to those who wish to try this experience.

The photogallery shows the caiqueand Pianosa Island, the fourth largest island.

The island is so low that it is submerged by the sea when it is stormy.

Iend this photo gallery with photos of a strong storm that caught us while we were at sea.

Lucio Dalla spent his holidays in his villa on the Island of San Domino, located in the archipelago of the Tremiti Islands, formore than forty years,

After the death of the songwriter and singer, in the island you can find several signs of love by the  islanders themselves.