01/ - Tunisia: Kairouan with the Great Mosque, Mosque of the Barber Zaouia of Sidi Sahab, Bir Barouta

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  • Kairouan: bacino degli Aghlabidi
  • Kairouan: pianta
  • Kairouan: Grande Moschea
  • Kairouan: Grande Moschea
  • Kairouan: Grande Moschea
  • Zaouia: vestibolo
  • Kairouan: Zaouia
  • Kairouan: Grande Moschea
  • Kairouan: souk
  • Kairouan: Barouta
  • Zaouia: pannelli in maiolica
  • Kairouan: finestre in legno intarsiato

Kairouan, Tunisia ‘s second city , is located in a dry and arid plain. In 1900, the Aghlabids built two artificial water basins, one still in use, which mitigated the city climate.

Kairouan is the Holy City of Tunisia and the oldest place of worship for the Islamic religion.

The Great Mosque , also known as Jamaa Sidi Uqba ,is characterized by a great courtyard surrounded by a portico with beautiful arches and decorated ceilings . The interior is supported by numerous Roman and Byzantine columns.

Another important sacred place is the Zaouia of Sidi Sahab , also known as the Mosque of the Barber since it hosts the remains of Abou el- Dhama Balaoui who, they say, always carried with himself three hairs from the beard of Muhammad.

We admired the suggestive views given by two vestibules and the Medersa patio with stuccos and enamelled majolica  panels.

On the first floor of the building called Bir Barouta there is a blindfolded camel which, by pulling a noria , provides water for a fountain. The importance of the place (the well dates back to the seventeenth century) is due to a legend that tells that that well is connected with another one in the Mecca.

We could enjoy interesting glimpses of everyday life inside the souk.

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