09/2009 - Turkey, Lycian coast

7-day trip to Turkey –  Lycian Coast – visiting Kemer, Olympos, Andriake, Demre, Myra, Kekova (Batik Sehir) , Ucagiz (Temiussa), Kas (Antiphellus), Kale (Simena), Phaselis, Antalya (Kaelici)

I have been wishing  to go to Turkey for many years, to visit the Lycian coast by sea using the typical Turkish boat , the caique (or kayik) .

Through internet,  I contacted the link – http://www.bluecruisesturkey.com/ .

I rented for exclusive use ( we were four couples) a caique with the captain and full board service (the cooking was excellent) .

The next morning, after a short navigation, we arrived at the beach in front of the ruins of Olympos, the ancient Lycian city dating back to the second century BC.

We reached the ancient Andriake and, then, we  went inland to the town of Demre, the current name of the Roman city of Myra.

Two kilometers far from Demre, there are the ruins of Myra embellished by a beautiful and spectacular group of Lycian tombs .

Nearby there is a well-preserved Roman theatre  surrounded by numerous stone masks .

Back to Demre, we visited the Church of St. Nicholas ( Noel Baba in turkish), full of frescoes and mosaics , and the nearby craft market .

We went on sailing surrounded by  beautiful sceneries, including the Kale Fortress .

We reached the long island of Kekova where there are numerous ruins of ancient cities, partly submerged by the waters of the Mediterranean sea ( Batik Sehir in turkish ) .

We visited Ukagiz , the ancient Temiussa, a fishing village and we spent the night in the quiet water of its small harbour.

Early in the morning,  we began sailing towards Kas . We saw beautiful landscapes, including the Greek island close to the Turkish coast. Before arriving, in addition to the usual magnificent baths, we stopped to  fish. The fish was cooked for dinner.

Kas is the modern name of the ancient Antiphellus .

It has a beautiful harbour where we could see numerous boats of divers; in fact in the depth waters of the area there are numerous wrecks.

Kas is a beautiful town in which the Lycian sarcophagus located on a high pedestal stands out.

Not far from the centre, there is the ancient and well-preserved theatre.

With the visit of Kas, we touched the furthest destination of our trip.

On the way back, we stopped again in Kekova for a swim and to visit some ruins .

In the afternoon we visited Kale, the ancient Simena , dominated by the ruins of a Byzantine fortress .

We left Kale with a warm sun, but as time passed , the weather got worse and a strong wind grew up thus creating a vortex that impressed us.

The ruins of the city of Phaselis are not in good condition. However, they have a particular charm because  the site is very romantic with its three beautiful bays, each with its own beach.

Our week of sailing on the water of the Lycian coast was finished.

We left our caique with a bit of nostalgia.

We moved to Antalya, the main city in Central Turkey .

We had the morning free and we dedicated it to the visit the city. We visited the ancient part ( Kaleici ) characterized by many typical houses , some well restored .

We went downwards to the old Roman port, recently restored .

It is also interesting the broken Minaret ( Kesik Minare) , built by the Romans as a pagan temple.

During the centuries it was subject to several changes ( from Byzantine church to a mosque and from  Christian church to mosque once again ) until its destruction by a fire.

Not far, there is the Hadrian’s Gate ( Hadrianus Kapiri ), a monumental marble arch .