11/2013 - United Arab Emirates: Dubai

5-day trip to Dubai ( United Arab Emirates ) visiting Arabian Dhown , Al Fahidi Fort , Ancient Souq , Deira Gold Souq , Deira Spice Souq , Burj Al Arab, Souq Madinat Jumeirah , The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence ( JBR ), New Dubai, Dubai Marina, Atlantis Hotel the Palm , Wafi Mall, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium, Burj Khalifa , Dancing Fountains , Mall of the Emirates , Ski Dubai

We arrived in Dubai after midnight, so it was only the next day that we began to get in touch with the city.

Staying in Dubai Marina district, we crossed the entire city in an alternation of arid and sandy areas and areas of neighbourhoods full of  modern and  nice skyscrapers.

We arrived in the heart of old Dubai and we took a typical boat with which we sailed the Dubai Creek, the  channel that divides the old city in two parts.

Inside the historic district of Al Bastakiya, we visited the Al Fahidi Fort, house to the Dubai Museum .

We visited the most characteristic “souq” (marketplace): the Bur Dubai Souq , the oldest , the Deira Gold Souq , the most famous and the Deira Spice Souq , the strangest.

The most interesting is the Gold one , while the other two have lost their original features.

The luxury hotel Burj Al Arab, sail-shaped, stands on an artificial island (from afar it seems to lay on the sea) .

Our attempts to visit (at least) the fabulous and huge entrance covered with 1.600 square meters of gold leaves were vain. I show it with a brief photo-gallery , but it is also photographed from the helicopter – see below .

I present the views enjoyed before arriving at Madinat Jumeirah Souk; then its entrance, somewhat anonymous , from which it begins  a maze of corridors and squares, thus reconstructing a modern souq , with shops and restaurants.

The whole complex is dominated by several luxurious hotels all connected by a series of waterways  (like in Venice ) that can be navigated on typical boats called “abra”.

With an open-top tour bus we enjoyed the night tour of Dubai in order to admire the skyscrapers lit with play of lights that the photos cannot fully illustrate (because almost always shot in motion).

We stayed at the Sofitel Hotel in Dubai Marina ( in the city there are 2 or 3 other Sofitel) that overlooks the famous pedestrian street JBR ( Jumairah Beach Residence ) where there are numerous shops and restaurants .

It was almost completed a large palm-shaped island (see helicopter) at whose end there is a huge Hotel with a very original shape,  Atlantis, the Palm, with more than two thousand rooms .

The long-awaited (and expensive) helicopter trip over Dubai was disappointing for the unsatisfactory result of the pictures taken. The shots were disturbed not only by the window reflection but also by the sea water evaporation effect and the wind that raised the desert sand.

I present only few pictures so that my readers can enjoy the effect of watching the skyscrapers …. from above.

The Wafi Mall is a Shopping Mall built on Egyptian-style and is next to a pyramid -shaped hotel .

Inside there are many shops and restaurants as well as world-famous designer boutiques.

It is very interesting, in the basement , the Khan Murjan Souq , with Arabic-style stores and restaurants .

The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world with more than 1.200 shops and 160 restaurants .

With this photo gallery I only want to represent the area in which are located the biggest names in the fashion world .

Inside the Dubai Mall, there is an Aquarium positioned on three floors with a single viewing panel… the largest in the world.

It also includes a spectacularly beautiful ” Under Water Zoo ” where we could admire several species of rare aquatic animals.

Outside, we found a large artificial lake overlooked by numerous skyscrapers, all with peculiar architectural features, in addition to the well-known Burj Khalifa (see the dedicated gallery) .

With the sun setting and the lights of the bright decorations, the atmosphere became magic.

And …. magic reached its highest level when the illuminated fountains…. started to dance .

Everything in harmony with beautiful musical melodies .


Those who wish can see and hear “sound and light” by clicking on the following link to youtube:

www.viaggiaresempre.it – Dubai – suoni e luci – Bocelli – Con te partirò

www.viaggiaresempre.it – Dubai – suoni e luci – Witney Houston: I will Always love you

www.viaggiaresempre.it – Dubai – suoni e luci – musica locale





The Burj Khalifa, with its 828 meters of height is, for the moment, the tallest skyscraper in the world. However, maybe because the Burj Khalifa is not near to so important buildings as it is, we had not the perception of such a height .

We climbed up to the 124th floor, vantage point from which we could admire very beautiful night views .

Another important shopping centre is the Mall of the Emirates .

It is cosier than the Dubai Mall, with an older architecture , but it also has numerous shops, even high-fashioned ones , restaurants, a toy store on two floors, and ………………

…  and in the southern part of the complex we entered  … an indoor ski resort .

Being fond of skiing, I could not fail to try to ski …. in the middle of the desert (30 degrees outside and less 3 degrees inside ). The ski resort has been carefully built, you can ski on good snow, on an ice- average slope which is not a short one. An experience which cannot be missed .


To see how you can ski in Dubai you can open the following links:

www.viaggiaresempre.it – anche a Dubai si può….sciare

www.viaggiaresempre.it – anche a Dubai si può….sciare


Our stay in Dubai came to an end. We left the hotel shortly after dawn and that allowed us to take the last photos of that city. Dubai is a city spread over vast areas which will become the place where everybody will overwinter if the intentions of the authorities of local business come true.